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Love Can't Save You

-Version 3.0

24 Hours A Day. In Color.
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Welcome to Nowhere. Some how you have stumbled across us here in Nowhere. Please make yourself at home and take what you like.

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1. DO NOT HOTLINK. The nice people at LiveJournal shouldn't have to pay for you being stupid. If you don't know what Hotlinking is, it's simple. If you have been right clicking on an image and using it's URL for other things STOP. That is hotlinking and it's dumb. Please save to your own server.
2. Credit is not mandatory, but it is appreciated. Please just don't claim my work as your own, simple as that.
3. No flaming please. Or spam. You are welcome to spam my personal journal(It's the website link, go ahead. Spam.). Just not this one.
4. Feel free to add me to your friends list, you don't even have to ask. I will not have a friends list on this journal because of possible block up-age, and lets face it, I see everyone's post on my personal journal anyway. The only things I'm going to have listed as friends are base communitys and brush providers and things of the like. But as I said, feel free to add me to your list too.
5. I'd like to know what you take, so a comment is nice.
6. I've tagged all of the entries, by fandom and what is contained in each post for ease of browsing.
7. In regards to the FSTs, I will try to re-upload them if the links die, please leave me a comment if they do. However some of my older FSTs (see: MattMello and Org13) are rotting somewhere in my old computer and I don't know where the zips are. So I'm sorry if that causes any problems.

But I am willing to extend my icon making circle, so just drop me a line.

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My graphics are free to take. For those who may be offended I will let you know now that some graphics MAY CONTAIN ADULT LANGUAGE. I use Adobe Photoshop CS2. I generally make my own textures and will mention when I do otherwise. If you have an icon or creative site of the like just E-Mail me and I'd be happy to affiliate!

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Hidden In Shadows

Inferior Icons

Lament Icons