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I Will Remember You - Solas
i'm so tired, i can't sleep
standin' on the edge of something much too deep
it's funny how we feel so much but we cannot say a word
we are screaming inside, we can't be heard
i will remember you
will you remember me?
don't let your life pass you by
weep not for the memories

Mrs. O - The Dresden Dolls
the truth won't save you now
the sky is falling down
everything they ever told us
shakes our faith and breaks their promise
but you can stop the truth from leaking
if you never stop believing......

Shiver - Motion City Soundtrack
shiver away
i thought the action was real
somewhere i know that's just the way you are
so let me believe
let me be anything at all

Message In A Bottle - The Police
seems i'm not alone at being alone
a hundred billion casatways
looking for a home

The Boy With The Thorn In His Side - The Smiths
they don't want to believe us
and if they don't believe us now
will they ever believe us?
and when you want to live
how do you start?
where do you go?
who do you need to know?

It Can't Come Quickly Enough - The Scissor Sisters
sailling through the tunnels
in the morning by yourself
there's a very special feeling
true sensation all is well
if you stand and reach your arms out wide
close your eyes and try to fly
it's an underground illusion
tricking you from side to side
we knew all the answers
and we shouted them like anthems
anxious and suspicious
that God knew how much we cheated

Hourglass - The Hush Sound
cast the first stone
lets pretend that we don't have a
past the worst one
forbid forget forget that you exist

Glass In The Trees - Dead Poetic
they've cut down the trees to try to forget you.
but i took a vow to never forget you.
if you're still here, then we're waiting.

Insanity - Oingo Boingo
straighten out this problem, straighten out my mind.
straighten out this crooked toungue...
my mind has wandered, from the straight and narrow.
my mind has wandered from the flock, you see?

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