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I attempted to have a song for each member of the Organization. That being said, explanations. I'm bad at doing this however, so I included the lyrics so maybe you can get a feel for what I'm trying to say. Also, there is not a lot written about the pasts of the members and I have never played Chain Of Memories, so lots of personality traits are assumptions I have made.

Thanks A Lot - Third Eye Blind Lyrics
Xemnas had a plan, that would have worked had there been no outside interference. And while he had every intention to destroy anything that stood in his way, he never really acted on it. I feel that this song shows a determination to get something done, but it ultimately failing.

Bad Business - Phantom Planet Lyrics
This song has a great feel of cockiness, which I associate with Xigbar's position in terms of the Organization. I would assume that Zexion would be number two, since he seemed to have a lot to do with the experimentation on hearts, which leads me to believe that Xigbar has had to prove himself to get to the top.

Love Will Tear Us Apart - Joy Division Lyrics
When Xaldin appears in Beast's Castle he only had one goal in mind, and did not stray from that plan the whole time Sora had to deal with him. He's collected and resigned to the routine. I think the sound of this song and the first verse really portray a generally determined (and dare I say) boring sort of person, which is the feeling I get from Xaldin.

Prevent This Tragedy - Alkaline Trio Lyrics
Once again, I would like to say that I have never played Chain Of Memories, but I have done as much research into the characters that are in it as I could. I chose this song to focus on the death of Vexen, I like think that the lyrics speak for themselves in this case.

Emotion Is Dead - The Juliana Theory
Lexaeus, in most of the things I've read, is said to be quite a silent type. This song, has no lyrics. I thought the title was fitting for his character, and as was the lack of lyrics.

I'm A Sucker For Fakes - Forgive Durden Lyrics
He's sneaky, he's evil, and he can't be trusted. He doesn't care much about anything but himself and his own goals. This song talks about burning relationships and using others for personal gain, and I feel that's a pretty accurate description of Zexion.

Favorite Son - Green Day Lyrics
I felt that Xemnas favored Saix over some of the other members, and this song talks about being favored but not being the perfect example of morality.

Scar - American HiFi Lyrics
Axel was the outcast of the group, eventually betraying the organization completely. He was always hovering around the edges of the group, but not necessarily being included.

At The Speed Of A Yellow Bullet - Head Automatica Lyrics
He isn't a great fighter, he's kind of a chicken. It seems he'd rather be doing other things than trying to capture Kingdom Hearts with everyone else. And without really saying it, he lets everyone know he doesn't really like what he's doing, this song seems like a daydream or an escape from something you don't like too much. There is a lyric: I'm a soldier and a poet
But I'm a dancer at best
which really stands out to me as Demyx.

Just Another Day - Oingo Boingo Lyrics
He makes everything into some kind of game, his everyday life is just full of evil things, but it's just another day. So I chose this song.

Marrow - Ani DiFranco Lyrics
I think that his attempt to take over the organization was really pretentious. The songs lyrics talk about being self centered and pretentiousness. So I thought it fit.

It's A Metaphor, Fool - Say Anything Lyrics
Larxene hates everything and has no sympathy for others. She is frequently described as being sadistic. I got the impression that she was angered easily and would lash out at anyone or anything that made her such. This song is about a hitlist.

Point/Counterpoint - Streetlight Manifesto Lyrics
This song might not necessarily reflect organization Roxas, because I couldn't get a clear grasp of what he was like during that time, but this is more Twilight Town Roxas. When he found out about Sora, he knew his "life" was over. This song is about dying before really living.

Download Here

In another crazy endevor, I made icons to go with them.
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YAY *dls*
This is cool! It's really interesting to see other people's take on characters that don't quite have enough game time for players to be 100% sure about where they stand. Downloading the songs, too :3
<3 <3 <3!
Awesome choice of songs and OMG! Streetlight Manifesto! <333 You officially rock now. ^__^
Streetlight wins at life. Pretty much. They're even better live.
Since WHEN do I have to fucking register on YouSendIt to be able to dl...? O_o
I love fanmixes!!! Especially when they're well done, like yours. The songs are all great and I'm glad I hadn't heard of some (most) of them before, it only makes the experience more fun! :D There's only one thing I disagree with: for a "man" who wears his hair in dreadlocks, fights in a speedy manner and has probably the most inventive, unusual techniques of the Organization, I believe Xaldin is anything but boring. His failure in stealing the rose is just further proof that he wasn't following a previously arranged plan (or Xemnas's specific orders).
Appearance wise, he's not boring, but his demeanor seemed really collected and reserved, which I computed as boring, it just wasn't the best choice of words.
Oh my god. I love your song selections. They're very nice to listen to and makes me hyper (which for this case is good because I'm doing homework I've been smart enough to procrastinate on during the weekend). Two thumbs up--if I had more thumbs, those would be up too!
this is just too awesome,
Nice choices
Lovely and very nice selection of songs.
Wow, what a great fanmix.
Definitely dl-ing this. xDDD I've never heard any of the songs, so it should be an interesting listening experience. ^^
The Axel icon is awesome;D
Prevent This Tradgedy <3333
What about it? You have left quite a cryptic comment.


11 years ago


11 years ago

Downloded! You have some fine song choices.
Awesome! I can comment more on the songs (I don't think I've heard any before, so yay!) once I listen to them a whole lot. xD But I wanted to comment saying I'm downloading just in case I don't get to that right away. XP

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